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He catches the beginning of one meeting or function so that he can be there at the end of another. His womanising and drinking ways mean Lou spends even less time with his wife and two small children. One cold winter morning he stops outside his office building to give his coffee to a beggar, Gabe.

Gabe keeps challenging Lou to spend more time with his family, and eventually gives him some tablets that split Lou in two for a day so he can be in two places at the same time. The moral of the book is that time is a gift. We do not have enough of it so we must spend our time wisely, share it with family and friends. If The Gift was set at any other time of the year it may have been seen as a bit corny or far-fetched, but it is fiction and since it takes place around Christ-mas it truly is a magical read.

May 19, Nicka Read by Nicka rated it it was amazing.

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Time cannot be packaged and ribboned and left under trees for Christmas morning. Time can't be given. The Gift fol "Time is more precious than gold, more precious than diamonds, more precious than oil or any valuable treasures. I love how the story intertwines with another story in this book, it's like a story within a story.

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The way the author wrote this novel just blew me away, I mean the whole plot of the story is not new to me I read a couple of books that has the same thing going on but the way she wrote this made a very huge difference from the other stories that I have read. The author didn't have to try hard to make her novel realistic because it just is. There were times that I thought some events in this book was very unrealistic but she handled it very well, you would understand why she did that.

The plot twist made me cry and realize a lot of things. I didn't expect that to happen, it is indeed one heck of a roller coaster ride of feels! This book just made me realize a lot of things, it has shown me the true value of time, family and all the things that surrounds you. We have to give importance to those that is a part of our lives, we shouldn't take them for granted.

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You have to give yourself to someone in order for you to know who you really are, as a gift perhaps. Sometimes you have to unravel things to get to the core. I really really really enjoyed this book! It was definitely perfect for the holiday season, you can feel the Christmas vibe in this book! I hope you can give this book a try! Aug 24, Adam rated it did not like it Shelves: audiobooks-a-z. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Post-listen review: Cute baby reaching for an ornament? Overworked family man who would be happy if he could only focus on said family instead of work?

Homeless man who is really an angel? The lesson that time with loved ones is more precious than packaged goods, success, status or financial gain? A miracle that makes the man realize his mistakes before it is too late? Well not a check but the use of a clone instead to accomplish essentially the same goal as A Christmas Carol.

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The imparting of life's wisdom upon the turkey chucker? The sickening feeling that we have read this story and it was much better when Mr. Charles Dickens wrote it?

The Gift () - IMDb

Check and double check. A side note to the wife in this story: If your husband has an affair with the nanny, leave him before he has time for an angel to visit him cause he really isn't a nice person. Pre-listen guess: I think this is going to be hard to take. I am not that big on Christmas stories but apparently this is one.

It feels out of season since it is August, but hey maybe it will be something to listen to in December.

On the back of this book it says "An instant holiday classic" so you think you'll be in for a nice and cozy type of read. Heck no! Yes, the overall message is great but the outcome of this particular story is not something you want on your mind as you're trying to fall asl On the back of this book it says "An instant holiday classic" so you think you'll be in for a nice and cozy type of read. Yes, the overall message is great but the outcome of this particular story is not something you want on your mind as you're trying to fall asleep.

I was hoping I didn't dream about it and luckily I didn't. I normally love Cecelia Ahern's books but her newer books just aren't as good as her first couple. I hope she isn't losing her "magic". Jul 21, Kimberley rated it did not like it. I was just disappointed with this book, I thought it was going to be a nice happy read but I just hated the main character and I just couldn't wait for the book be over.

I don't think I've ever felt so much hatred towards a character but his personality and actions really ruined the book for me and I just didn't care whether or not he would end up choosing his family because they clearly didn't deserve him. A wonderful, imaginative story!

I didn't think I would get all the feels with this book, but I did.


It really makes you take a step back and look at your life, and how time and one simple action can change your life and the lives around you so very drastically. Dec 24, Petra rated it it was amazing Shelves: romance , cried-like-a-baby , i-own , all-time-favorites. This book is pure magic, just what I needed. After reading another great novel from Cecelia Ahern, How to Fall in Love , I checked back all the novels written by her that I have read, and figured out that I previously gave this book 2 stars. Only 2 stars for a Cecelia Ahern novel!!! Like WTF???? So I immediately set out to reread this book, trying my best to see why I judged this book that harshly before.

And after reading it once again, I kinda understand why this 2-star thing happened. It was simply because this book, despite how appealing its After reading another great novel from Cecelia Ahern, How to Fall in Love , I checked back all the novels written by her that I have read, and figured out that I previously gave this book 2 stars. And this time? Well, it kinda does. Let me get this straight: this book has meaning to it, no doubt.

Cecelia Ahern brilliantly wrote a novel that teaches us the value of the greatest gift of all: time, and how we should use time to make the most of our lives. At the heart of the story is Lou - a man who was a complete jerk to his wife, his children, and his family. He was drowning in the sea of work without even thinking back why he had to do so much work all the time during his day.

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And not to mention during this derail into the madness of overworking, he also became an unfaithful man who cheated on his wife time after time with multiple extramarital affairs. In short, Lou was a character that you can easily hate and pity at the same time. Then came the shocking ending. For this type of story, which took place at Christmas, I fervently hoped for a happy ending in which the main character, after his realization, will have a chance to repair his relationships with people in his life and truly becomes a better man.

Just not this time, and not with Lou.

At first, the ending was like a slap to my face; I felt like I was cheated, I was lied to, like I was put in this beautiful journey with Lou for nothing. My reaction was like, OMG, Cecelia Ahern, why did you ruin such a great story with an ending like this????? But then, as I read the ending again, I suddenly realized why she did what she did, why she let that tragedy happen. That hit me kinda hard. And this tragedy that happened at the end of the novel only serves to remind the readers once again, that we can never take time for granted. We can never take our family, our spouse, our children, our parents for granted.

And must always know that they are the most precious people in our lives, the ones that we should spend the most time with. Although I enjoyed this book that much, there is still one question lingering in my mind: is the book that great to deserve greater rating than the original 2 stars. The answer is yes, but how much greater? So yeah, I gave it 3 stars this time just for the great content. It has been over 2 years since that news and still no sign of a movie… What a pity I've read one book by her before this- If You Could See Me Now and I liked it a lot, but it was some time back and I didn't happen upon one of her books again until this.

So I had quite forgotten the name of the author and so I started The Gift with no expectations whatsoever, preparing myself to see what this "new" author would give me- I know, I'm cringing here too, like, how could I forget an author I'd read and loved before?!! I don't make much sense here, do I? What I meant to tell you is that Cecelia Ahern has quite a lovely, unique way of writing that somehow pulls you into the book.

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She takes a serious, and maybe complicated, subject and weaves it into a magical story that you can't help but fall in love with. She did it with If You Could See Me Now, and she did it again with The Gift- and I'm sure her other books are just as good or even better and can't wait to check some of them out some time soon! On to the review now- The Gift revolves around Lou Suffern, a typical workaholic who, as workaholics often do, neglects his family as he focuses climbing up, up and up the ladder of success at work.

And just like most cases, he caves in to womanizing tendencies to relieve himself, while his wife, kids, parents and siblings wait patiently for their husband, father, son and brother to realize the folly of his ways and return back to them. Things start changing for Lou when he meets Gabe, the mysterious, kind of creepy, homeless man who sits outside his office building. It goes without saying that I loved the author's writing style.

I found myself lost in the story right from page one. Even though this book is set during Christmas, it's not particularly Christmas themed, but still the author manages to make us feel the spirit of Christmas as she describes the warmth of the seasonal atmosphere and manages to make the reader feel it too as she spins this magical tale.