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Dec 26, S. This is a very sweet story of coming of age. I too like others was concerned about the age difference but it was done with much thought and sensitivity.

The book was a little short so it's a 4. What I read, I thoroughly enjoyed but I would have loved to have explored some of the aspects of their relationship more in depth. Guess I will just have to wait for the next book : Congrats to a talented writer on her debut novel. I liked this little story illustrating the immutability of love. It was sweet and well done with good characterisations and pacing. Teeny, tiny note: "howl" is a weird verb to use for sex play That, and one less repetition of "you don't care" at the end would have done it; the reader gets the reference and sentiment.

Oct 29, Amy rated it really liked it Shelves: lgbtq. A very strong start to this series! I loved Alex and Clark acting goofy like year-old boys and highlighting how much growing up they had to do. And Jared was practically a saint keeping his feelings under control around Alex. A very sweet ending with Alex showing up on his 16th birthday. I really liked this one. It was just perfectly sweet, funny enough and it fulfilled all the romantic points one might lack in life and loves to read about. I would have loved to read more about their past, but really, it wasn't necessary.

The book is just amazing the way it is.

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It was a sweet story! I really enjoyed it. I would love to revisit them Shelves: adult , m-m-romance. I didn't with this one. No real reason other than I guess I didn't feel that motivated. Now, a week later and I can't stop thinking about it. The premise made me feel a little uncomfortable at first. That whole, too young to touch thing just got to me. He's honest, straight-forward and adorable.

Jared had no idea how he would maneuver without losing a piece of himself He's responsible, thank goodness or else we'd be talking about a whole different kind of book. Jared is instantly attracted to Alex but he knows to set rules for keeping his distance. He intends to only be a mentor to Alex but can't help his developing feelings.

Alex keeps it together pretty well until his father decides it's best for him to experience more of the world I was both torn by Alex and Jared separating, and, relieved that a level headed adult was stepping in to slow this evolving relationship down. It started out with a lack of contractions during the dialog that just didn't feel like natural speech, but that eventually leveled out. There were some moments that surprised me, that I didn't expect from the author. I assumed that this was a very straight-forward romance but there were some heavy issues to be overcome.

I have to admit, when I finished, I thought there was some unfinished business. Now I see that it is an ongoing series, so I'll hold back on what would have been criticism. A totally, gratuitous sex scene inserted at the end was completely unnecessary. Nonetheless I enjoyed it, because it was a hot scene and that's what I read this stuff for, duh! I was relieved that the uncomfortable nature of underage romance was addressed and not denied.

Some of the writing is jumbled and the POV jumps around a bit but the backbone of the story and characters are enough for anyone looking for an easy popcorn read. Book One reads like a standalone novel.

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From there the story flashbacks to their first meeting and shows various memories of how the two men met, the conflict inherent in the age difference and how eventually that is resolved. There is quite a bit left out, in fact more left out then actually included, but still the emotion and basic plot is there. Easily enough emotion to please romance fans and a couple you can connect with. The story is mostly character driven as the couple meet when Alex is just 15 and Jared is This could have been a sticky element considering the age difference and the age of consent.

Alex and Jared are interesting characters but the story is simply too short to be fully fleshed out. Instead with focusing on certain flashbacks the readers gets an idea about the two men and their love for each other but it still remains more of an idea than a shown concept.

As a light, fun read Our December is an engaging and satisfying story. At least I will be. I wish I had reviewed this book right after I read it, because nearly a month later, I'm afraid I'm not going to do it justice.


Jared is a 20 year old construction worker that quit school to take over his father's construction business when he unexpectedly passed away. His original plan was to finish school and go into business with his dad, but the circumstances forced him to accelerate his timeline. Unfortunately, without a degree, Jared must be twice as good as other construction c I wish I had reviewed this book right after I read it, because nearly a month later, I'm afraid I'm not going to do it justice.

Unfortunately, without a degree, Jared must be twice as good as other construction companies to prove himself. Alex is a 15 year old boy that is attracted to the young business owner. They strike up a friendship, but because Jared knows that perception is reality, he is very careful to ensure that they are never alone together and all their interactions are in public places.

Fail #1: buying into the fear factor

But he really enjoys Alex's company and is aware of the mutual attraction. Jared's sense of honor is what makes him such a special person. I totally fell in love with Jared - his love, loyalty, and patience were astounding. I read the 3 books in this series one right after the other, so it's more like one book to me, but I thought this was a strong introduction to their relationship.

I am such a fan of Diane Adams. Our December is another winner. By reading the synopsis, there were many ways this story could have gone wrong. Not to worry, though, because Alex and Jared's romance was handled beautifully. There are a lot of sweet and fun moments between the two. Apparently, neither one can bowl to save their lives. Alex's best friend, Clark, adds another layer of depth as he supports Alex through his crush and helps Jared during his crisis of conscience.

They are bo I am such a fan of Diane Adams. They are both great guys and you will be pulling for them at every turn. Its a light, quick read with a lot of character. Perfect at pages. What a beautiful story!! I started reading it and then, before I knew, I finished reading the book. I immediately looked for the next one, but unfortunately I have to wait for the release. This sweet romance gripped me from the beginning and I really want to know what happened in those 14 years.

How did Alex' mother react? How did the young love developped?


What happened with Clark?? All these questions I absolutely loved this book! Jared and Alex are just adorable and even though it's a very And Alex's friend and father are great too, very great supporting characters. I can't wait for future tales with these two and how their relationship will progress.

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Highly recommended for those who want a sweet, realistic romance with strong men. This book was sweet, light, a bit sappy and short but I loved it anyway! I was a little 'weirded out' by the fact that we start this series when Alex is 15 but then I guess that's the whole point of 'The Making of a Man' series. How Jared handles Alex and their friendship is wonderful and it didn't feel at all creepy. I can't wait to finish off the books, this one has definitely left me wanting more!! View all 3 comments. I was initially concerned about the age difference - Alex is 15 and Jared is 20 when they meet.

Really well written, my only complaint is that it is pretty short. I look forward to reading the next two books in the series. Some days you just need a little drop of sweetness to get you through. Our December, was just what I needed.