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Love Means… Courage

Yes, there is a long tradition of affection and sentiment, and so there should be. Let me tell you, there is also courage. Mother's Day in our country and time has its roots in the late 19th century when some very courageous mothers were utterly and completely appalled by the carnage of the American Civil War and of brutal European warfare raging at that time. As mothers, they stood up against all this. Such motherhood reflects the life-giving, tending and guarding done by God in God's own heart and self. Indeed God is Yes, God is.

That is my experience of our creator. I know it silently in my heart and visibly in the experience of motherly courage and love I see in women around me.

6 Ways That Love Requires Courage | Psychology Today

If I may say, thank God, thank God for mothers For Katie and for Sharon, for my beloved mother, grandmothers and aunts, for women who have inspired me, challenged me, supported me, stood by me and held me accountable. Thank God for the mothers in this town, nation and world who stand up to be counted, those who ferociously and lovingly care.

This Mother's Day is a very special one for me and our family with a new mother in our midst. I am committed to offer special thanks for all mothers and for maternal strength and courage in a new way this year. I hope all of us might do that. So I say to any and all mothers, and I say to all of us who need to be cognizant of and thankful for deep maternal love A blessed and happy Mother's Day!!!

James Lemler show the newly-expanded Christ Church Bookstore. Ever since, Armenian communities all over the world have kept alive their hatred of Turks, successors to the Ottomans.

3 Strategies for Thinking and Acting Courageously

The attempts of Turkish governments to deny the genocide has only served to exacerbate Armenian feelings of hatred of the Turks. In , a mix of 15 Turkish and Armenian young professionals met at Caux to search for ways to break the deadlock. These discussions have since become an annual event at the Caux Forum. Members of the Kurdish community have joined in, so it is now an Armenian-Kurdish-Turkish dialogue. Many Armenian participants have come from Lebanon, where their forebears fled in In Beirut I went to an Armenian school, and we spoke only Armenian at home to maintain our culture.

So when my professor urged me to attend the dialogue at Caux, I resisted. She pointed out that I am studying journalism, and that a good journalist should sit with everyone. So I agreed to come, purely to fight for our cause.

Then we started the dialogue. Among the diaspora in Lebanon the history is fresh and bleeding. We argued, we yelled, we screamed. Years of suppressed emotions poured out. Will you apologize for the genocide? That made me leave the room. After the session I asked her why she had apologized for something she did not do. It is about caring for someone who wants understanding from our side.

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At one point a girl sang an Armenian song. That was when we started making peace with each other. I will continue to work for this recognition. But now I can accept the other as he or she is. At Caux I realized that if I can learn to hate, I can learn to unhate.

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To do this, I need the other. I need Burak and he needs me to reach this healing of memory that will liberate us from the burden of hatred.