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Chan, a staff psychiatrist of Korean descent, for her formal admission evaluation. She pleaded with the doctor that she was in control of her drinking, but it fell on deaf ears. Lydia would be required to work for six hours a day in the kitchen, mainly in a cleaning capacity. It was hot, dirty and strenuous work, and was always delegated to the newest patient. In addition she would attend two hours a day of therapy, which was individual as opposed to group, for the time being she would not be permitted to interact with any of the other patients.

At the estate, a three hour session served to introduce the twenty five year old hooker to the world of bondage. Bound securely to the bed on her stomach, Dr. Shade engaged in his favorite fetish, which was to alternately flog and force the sub to perform oral sex upon him. Despite the fact that she was being generously compensated, the much sought after call girl escort, vowed never to again have dealings with Dr.

Shade, or anyone at the estate. Harford was miffed as the doctor dominated the sub, leaving him little opportunity to cunt fuck the attractive harlot. He was determined that for the next session, two hookers would be invited.

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By the end of the first session, Harford had observed plenty of bondage action, but participated in none. He did manage to cunt fuck the bitch, but by that time she was worn down from the repetitive flogging and oral sex forced upon her by Shade. By the end of her first week at Los Bravos, Lydia still refused to accept the enslavement forced upon her by Harford.

She rebelled against performing the kitchen work and refused to participate in any therapy. The remainder of the time she was confined to her room. Lydia had still not been introduced to the general population. What little she had seen of them did not favorably impress her, they were from inferior social groups, and not worthy of her companionship. Part of her daily regimen was a one hour session with Dr.

Nurse Hannah Gets Probed: A BDSM Love Story

Chan, who while not fluent in English, had a visceral sex drive. He was accustomed to taking sexual liberties with female patients, providing hormonal therapy to his favorites. Lydia would be no exception. In three consecutive sessions with Dr. Chan, she was required to service him twice orally on her knees, the third was a cunt fuck, on the expensive couch he maintained in his office. Lydia found the coerced sex distasteful, but felt powerless to resist.

All of this did not set well with Nurse Mary, who had sexual appetites of her own, and often found herself competing for lesbian sex with Nurse Ratchet. However Ratchet made it clear there was to be no sex with Lydia for the time being, however she had no control over Chan. Sara, 36, was a busty blond and natural submissive.

Harford was irked that only Sara accompanied the doctor in his Porsche, earlier he had been assured that two females would be provided. He first requested the twenty three year old hooker from the first session but she refused the assignment. Leaving his patient hogtied after fucking her, Shade and Harford retired to the living room for a mixed drink, while awaiting the arrival of the second hooker.

Shade headed back to the bedroom where Sara had been left hogtied, while Harford and Lois headed for a second bedroom. Ratchet contacted Dr. Graves, the superintendent, with her concerns and the sessions with Chan were stopped. Lydia would still be kept in solitary confinement, but would not be required to stand in handcuffs for three hour periods.

Instead of daily therapy sessions with Dr. Chan, they would be held by Nurse Ratchet in her office, without the presence of Mary. Ratchet was a firm believer in nude therapy for the patient. Next on the therapy was a twelve inch dildo, a device Lydia had little use for in her sex life.

Lubricated, the intruder was fully buried in her cunt, with a cord enabling it to be readily removed. The cord was attached to a vibrator control, which was immediately turned on at full speed, then abruptly stopped. Ratchet adjusted the speed to suit her whims, and Lydia was unable to avoid climax.

Harford found Lois to be an unsatisfying sex partner, hardly worth the five hundred dollars Shade had paid. Shade seemed intent upon running up a bill for sexual services, with the expectation that Harford would pay him back. No such explicit agreement existed and Harford was confident he could disregard his expectations without fear. Sara would spend most of the session hogtied.

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Shade obtained his gratification primarily by flogging her exposed cunt with a cat of nine flogger. This was interrupted only for a blow job, after which Shade decided another break was in order.

Harford, ever cautious, rejected the idea. Tiring of sex, Harford and Lois lie naked in the bed downing some mixed drinks, while Shade returned to play with Sara.

The merriment ended with the phone ringing. Half inebriated, Harford answered and the caller was a Mr. Tillingham, a local attorney. He stated he had been retained by Lydia to represent her in the inheritance matter. Taken by surprise, Harford informed him that Lydia was out of town for the weekend, and that she had decided to proceed without legal representation. Harford was greatly concerned, with his fear being that some employee at the Los Bravos might tip off the attorney. Since the attorney stood to himself profit from the inheritance, the issue was clearly of concern.

Harford promptly discussed the matter with Shade. It was decided that Shade would utilize his organized crime connections to force Tillingham off the case. It was a gamble, with the fee the attorney would receive from the inheritance, he might well go to the police. The message was delivered to Tillingham. It stated that Lydia had retained the services of a new attorney, one with mob connections. Actually Harford had no desire to utilize an attorney for the inheritance matter. He was confident that the complexity of the matter was such, that he could handle it himself.

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Shade was confident that the diagnosis would stand. Most likely an independent psychiatrist would be appointed to examine her, and that doctor could be bought off. The hospital was alerted as to the situation. It was decided to continue to keep Lydia in solitary, with the only human contact allowed being Nurses Mary and Ratchet for therapy. Lydia would be heavily sedated most of the time.

BDSM Library - Story: Involuntary Commitment, Chapter: Part 1

Despite the sedation Lydia was becoming an increasing problematic patient, such that it was necessary to keep her in a strait jacket much of the time, with an attached butt plug. This was purely punitive, as Lydia was not a suicide risk. Fortunately for Lydia, the hospital had a policy against corporal punishments, such as floggings.

Forced sex was against policy as well, but was easily circumvented. When Lydia refused to provide oral sex voluntarily, Nurse Ratchet strapped her down to the bed and face sat her. The date for the formal examination was expedited and would be held in seven days. Chung would officially certify that Lydia was incompetent to function outside the institution, and the inheritance would be paid to Harford.

At the estate the sex and partying continued. Shade tried to interest Harford in bondage, but he preferred more conventional sex. To keep down expenses Shade arranged for one of his patients to be sexually used by Harford, at no cost as it was considered part of her therapy. The patient, a twenty nine year old buxom blond, was delivered to the estate personally by Shade, in his Porsche. After a brief introduction Shade departed, leaving the couple alone.

Linda made a favorable impression upon Harford. Although accustomed to performing bondage sex with Shade, she delivered one of the best blow jobs Harford had ever received. A local attorney, with mob connections, was retained to represent Lydia at the competency proceedings. Chung would represent the hospital as the independent examiner. Devilius, a close friend of Dr. The outcome was thus assured. It was always in the hospitals interest to retain patients as long as possible, and Dr.

Devilius would not go against the interests of the person paying him. Nurse Ratchet, who was responsible for maintaining the daily charts, could be counted upon to document the need for continuing hospitalization. The likely outcome was that Lydia would be confined to the hospital for at least six months. During this period Harford would acquire the inheritance and spend the bulk of it.