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  2. How to pass exams when you've got absolutely no time to revise
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Long-term benefits

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The COMPLETE Before Infinity War Recap - CRAM IT! (Avengers edition)

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Heroes for Hope American Vampire Book Category. Adaptations of works by Stephen King. Creepshow Creepshow 2 Creepshow 3 Firestarter Rekindled Maximum Overdrive Trucks The Mangler The Mangler 2 Reborn The Lawnmower Man Beyond Cyberspace It It Chapter Two The Shining Doctor Sleep It Woh Again Sometimes They Come Back Mercedes —present Castle Rock —present Creepshow Carrie musical Dolores Claiborne opera The Shining opera. Salem's Lot Pet Sematary Films directed by Tommy Lee Wallace. How should you spend it? It seems napping is just as effective as revising, and could even have a longer-lasting impact.

Repeatedly revising information to learn it makes sense. However, sleep is also thought to be vital for memory. Many people swear by a quick afternoon kip. The team mocked-up a real student experience, and had 72 volunteers sit through presentations of about 12 different species of ants and crabs. The participants were asked to learn all about these animals, including their diets and habitats, for example.

If you're a good visual learner, then this will definitely help.

How to pass exams when you've got absolutely no time to revise

If you're a good auditory learner, meaning you learn by hearing, recite the words as you write them down on the note cards. It may seem like overkill, but if you're trying to learn facts and information, it's very helpful. If you're trying to learn equations or more practical applications, this repetition is not as useful. Study effectively. You obviously won't have time to cover everything that might be on the test, but you can narrow down what will likely be covered and find ways to best focus on these concepts.

Identify key topics. Go through your study guide and your cramming notes and look up the important or most repeated topics in your textbook. Scan the key sections of your text and write down any new information you find that seems important. The idea here is not to write down everything, but rather to identify the specific ideas, facts or equations that are likely to be on the test and focus on those topics as much as possible. Look at the beginnings and ends of textbook chapters. The first page of a chapter often identifies key points that will aid your understanding of the material.

The last couple of pages will often summarize the chapter, define or highlight key terms, and, in the case of math texts, list important equations. Contemplate possible essay questions if applicable and how you would answer them. By now you should have at least a light grasp on the material.

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  • Napping before an exam is as good for your memory as cramming?
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Think about the overarching concepts involved and outline preferably on paper your approach to essay questions. Do a light run-through. This is where the rubber starts meeting the road. Soak up all the information you've furiously assembled, test yourself, and evaluate quickly how you might have done. This should tell you what areas of study you still need to focus on. Review your flashcards or cramming notes first. Go through the key topics quickly. If you feel you understand and can remember a certain topic or equation, cross it off the list or set that flashcard aside.

If you come up with additional questions, look them up in your notes or online just make sure to use a reliable website. Test yourself. If your teacher handed out a practice test, do it now.

DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story - Wikiquote

If not, do the practice tests or review questions at the ends of your textbook chapters. Only do the questions that are directly relevant to the concepts you've identified as important. Don't spend a lot of time on each question.

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If you get stuck on a question, note it and come back to it after you grade your test. Be honest with your grading. If you're not, you will only hurt yourself when it comes to the actual test. Look at the questions you got wrong and compare those to your cramming notes or flashcards. You may need to make some new flashcards or revisit some of the concepts you thought you knew. If facts aren't sticking, and studying isn't going well, try some memorization strategies.

The brain never forgets. Forgetting a piece of information is either the failure to properly store it, the failure to recall it, or the failure to store it in a way that it can be found. Try using a mnemonic device. That's just a fancy word for "memory device," meaning a quick and simple way to remember something.

It could be making the information into a rhyme, relating it to an image you're familiar with, or telling yourself a story about it you know you'll remember. Try to take information that's digested with one sense words are digested through sight and try to digest it in another.